New Year’s Concert 2024




“Clarinet magic”

Per­for­mers: the soloist ensem­ble of the Frank­furt Phil­har­mo­nic Orches­tra, Juri Gil­bo con­duc­tor, guest: Roman Kuper­schmidt, clarinet.

Even the begin­ning is a joy: excerp­ts from Mozart’s cla­ri­net con­cer­to…, fol­lo­wed by com­po­si­ti­ons by Tchai­kovs­ky, Weber, Brahms, right up to the sab­re dance that intro­du­ces the interval.

The second part is just as exci­ting, whe­ther sum­mer time or Ana­tev­ka, all popu­lar melo­dies from well-known musi­cals. Book ear­ly, the seats are num­be­red and the­re is only one concert.