Mother’s Day concert in Pedreguer

  • Date: Sunday, 12. May
  • Time: 17:30 - 19:30
  • Location: Stadtkirche Pedreguer
  • Address: Plaça Major, 26, 03750 Pedreguer
  • Cost: € 15,00

Do you also belie­ve that organ music is some­thing stod­gy, anti­qua­ted, old-fashio­ned? Then come on our raf­ting tour on the organ:
From the gent­le spring, over gent­le rapids, roaring note falls, gent­le banks, floodplains…

You will hear roaring cas­ca­des of sound and gent­le veils of music on Sun­day, 12 May, when a true artist on the organ shows what he and his instru­ment are capa­ble of. Your sen­ses will rejoice, your ears will not get enough. 

The­re will also be pro­se and poet­ry. And to give you a nice sou­ve­nir, all the ladies will recei­ve a rose.